Mobile Guardian

Are you a watchful parent? Would you like to know your children’s whereabouts, and make sure they are where they should be? Are you constantly misplacing or replacing cellphones? With new technology, our Mobile Guardian service can remotely locate your device, add, change, or remove a password, lock and unlock the device, or even wipe it clean!

Let’s just say Jane’s cell phone is stolen, and has a password on it. Once the thief realizes this, he will most likely power the phone off after trying a few random passwords. With this service, we can remotely remove the password so the thief thinks it is his lucky day. Little does he know, we are only allowing him access to buy time to locate the device via GPS.

If your device does not have a password, and has been misplaced or stolen, we can remotely set a password to restrict access to your data and personal information.

If you have forgotten your password, we can change it, remove it, or remotely unlock your device so you have access to change it yourself.

If your device is lost or stolen and contains sensitive information we also provide the option to erase all data and wipe the phone clean.

Benefits Include:

  • Remote GPS Locater
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Password Control
  • Remote Phone Wipe/Reset

Note: This service is only available on Android, and iOS (Apple) compatible devices.

If you are ready to protect your mobile device or would like more information about this service, please contact our Help and Support team.

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